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Do I need a VPN?

This is a question I found asking myself recently and I am betting some of you are doing the same.

I wasn’t 100% sure what a VPN was, what it does, nor how it could benefit me, I had heard enough to be left with the notion that  I might require one…….so I set out to do some investigation that would answer my own question.

I concluded “YES”

Something to Hide?

Whilst I used to think that only those with something to hide require a VPN, all that “Dark Net” talk etc., well, after thinking a while I realised that, yes I’ve got something to hide. I don’t want others to know where and how I bank or conduct any other of my online financial transactions.

Likewise, I’d rather keep my personal browsing private, not that I’ve got anything to hide but it’s called personal because it’s personal. 

In this ever increasing online cyber/digital/.com/”e” with everything world it is almost impossible to transact without doing so online. Whilst this is great for convenience and efficiency it shifts the bad dudes focus from the physical world to the online world.

The bad people I am referring to might be out to stealer your credit card details, or gather piecemeal bits of information on you so as to recreate an alternate you, stealing your identity or just plain poking their nose into places it shouldn’t be.

So how can a VPN help?

Yes, a VPN can help. Like locking your front door and closing the windows and drawing the curtains (blinds). A VPN will help prevent those nosey or criminally minded peering in. Technically how it achieves this can be written into another but for now, my attention turned to how to get one and how to use one.

How to use a VPN

Well the “how to use a VPN. This an easy one.

  • Sign up with a supplier – most are subscription based, some are free but those that are, normally restrict your data use.
  • Start the App, selecting the connection you require That’s it. All Done.

Which VPN should I get in Australia?

VPN operators tend to be global players, those that have made investments in Australia will provide better service to us, Australian users.

My personal experience with NordVPN has been great. I have it installed on my Windows laptop, iPad, Android tablet and Android Smart Box. It took absolutely no technical knowledge to setup and works every time I’ve used it.

The speeds are pretty good too, meaning that they have invested enough in technical hardware within Australia. Australians are often forgotten about as the big player see our market just too small to bother about..

The NordVPN prices are very competitive, and whilst I’ve had no reason to test their customer support I’ve heard they are very responsive.

If you’d like to find out more see the link, NordVPN.

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