Come on in….My Door Is Open

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Do you Leave the front door Open?


If you answered “No” then you should consider investing in your own internet router, as your router is the front door in internet terms. When your “internet” front door is open the whole world can see in, not just your neighbours like your actual front door.


According to Gadetguy, 83% of the data going through your home routers is vulnerable to attack! The level of risk could be categorized as below.



*          12% low-security risk


*          60% were medium


*          21% were high


*          7% were critical


Does this affect me? You should check to see if your door is open.


First thing you should do is check your router on a site like which shows current known vulnerabilities. An example of how you would do this is to search the manufacturer of your router, then see if your router is a product listed.



Your check should leave you with one of three scenarios;


  1. Your router is currently secure.


  1. Your router is vulnerable, but you can apply the update/patch.


  1. Your router is vulnerable, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) supplied the router and is responsible for applying any update/patch.


If you are in scenario 3 you have two choices;


  1. Call your ISP and demand that they update the router to remove the vulnerability (which in unlikely to happen)


  1. Purchase a router yourself (even if this means getting some help).

For the non technical person this may seem daunting, but do you really want to leave your internet door wide open for ALL to see? Then its time to take action, as it will only be a matter of time before someone will notice your internet door is open.



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