How do VPNs work


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VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. You connect to the VPNs server which reroutes your internet activities. The server can mask your IP or make it appear as if you are located in a different location.


VPN’s have changed over the few years, VPNs were intended for firms and big businesses. By having a VPN located within the company, employees could remotely access the company’s server. VPNs were later developed to hide a user’s true online identity.


Nowadays, VPNs are known for their abilities to protect and secure a user’s identity and information. With the dramatic increase of online censorship, VPNs have become widely popular

VPNs use a combination of dedicated connections and encryption protocols to generate a connection. Even if snoopers did manage to siphon off some of the transmitted data, they'd be unable to access it on account of the encryption. Additionally, VPNs allow individuals to spoof their physical location — the user's actual IP address is replaced by VPN provider — allowing them to bypass content filters. So, you may live in Moscow but appear to live in New York. 


Establishing a secure connections is easy. The user first connects to the public internet through an ISP, then initiates a VPN connection with the company VPN server using client software. And that's it.

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