Use It Or Lose It

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Tips when using a VPN

by Trevor HubTech

“Use it or Lose it”

This sounds obvious but it is easy to fall out of the habit of not using what you have paid for and compromising your online security.  There is a simple solution to this, it is to configure the VPN so it starts automatically. Do this on each of the machines that you have. All the VPN’s that I have tried have this option, so have a look at your settings.


"Install Your VPN On All Devices”

It would be pointless locking your front door but leaving the backdoor open, so why do so when it comes to your technology.  Ensure that the VPN is installed on all your devices. VPN  providers have installations for all device types & platforms.


"Install the VPN on your Router"

Your Router acts as the gatekeeper to your home network so installing here will make sense. Not all routers allow this but if your model does then take advantage and install. From here you have flexibility, including even turning off the security for selected sites - some sites really try hard to prevent your access if you are using a VPN, so although I  would not recommend bending to their will. you have this as an option.


"Repeat, install your VPN on all your devices, this includes mobile devices"

This is especially important, as this is often used in the most venerable of places, open free wi-fi hotspots. Theses are most likely unsecured and you have no control as to who is looking in on you.

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